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Meeting heavy equipment demand

Written by  Author |   Thu, 19 February 2015 14:14

NBK Holding was founded in the early 1950’s by the late Sheikh Nasser bin Khaled Al Thani. NBK & Sons is one of the biggest subsidiary of NBK Holding. NBKS has gained a reputable standing in Qatar and in the region for providing expert professional services. Yet, the company's range of activities has widened to encompass industrial and commercial sectors where separate entities were formed to meet the increasing demand.

The company comprises major divisions offering a wide range of products and services, and a leading provider for heavy equipment, motorbikes and automotive after sales services.

We had the following interview with Mr. Raffi Keuylian, the GM of Nasser Bin Khaled Heavy Equipment NBKS-HE.

1.)    When was NBKS established and by whom?

Nasser Bin Khaled and Sons is one of the biggest subsidiary of NBK Holding. It was founded by Sheikh Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani in the 1950s, whereas the heavy equipment division was established in 1975.

2.)    What can you say about the development phases of the company and the establishment of the heavy equipment division?

Over the years NBK’s Heavy Equipment Division has always renewed its product line to offer the very latest in innovation and technology. We are keeping track of emerging customer demands and changing trends in technology to offer best-in-class equipment that will serve customer’s purposes. Today we have a wide range of new brands available for every application. We have revamped our customer and aftersales service to ensure customer satisfaction and full and continuous serviceability of our machinery. 

3.)    What type of products does the heavy equipment division deliver?

The HE division operates in five different sections:

-The Construction Equipment Division

Deals with new sales from the world’s leading brands enjoying a high reputation in the construction machinery and equipment industry. This division is capable of meeting the high demand resulting from Qatar’s rapid growth in its infrastructure, buildings and energy developments.

-The Power Generation Division

Specializes in providing global energy-related solutions for industrial and marine activities. We offer one of the most comprehensive and modern product ranges for ships, land and rail-mounted vehicles and industrial applications, as well as onsite energy systems based on diesel engine and gas turbine technology.

We provide power to homes, factories, recreational vehicles, boats and countless other applications with one of the leading reliable power systems. With its gas and diesel generators, generator controls, transfer switches, paralleling switches and packaging,  it delivers clean, reliable power whenever and wherever it is needed through its standby and prime commercial-grade power systems.

Onsite Energy & Components

Diesel Systems

- Emergency Power
-Prime Power
-Continuous Power

Gas Systems

-Continuous Power


Injection Systems

-High-speed Engines
- Medium Speed Engines





-The Material Handling Division

Offers a selection of brands with high powered machinery Products including forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, truck mounted cranes, all terrain cranes, lattice boom cranes, telescopic truck cranes, passenger & material hoists, transport platforms, mast climbing working platforms, suspended working platforms and rubbish chutes.

4.)    Can you name the major brands owned or represented by the company?

Major Brands represented by the company are:

Specialized in the production of hydraulic cranes with quality characteristics which meet the demand of the market/clients.

Is the world market leader in the field of Compaction Technology and manufacture of machines for the compaction of soils asphalt and refuse, stabilizers/recyclers, land milling machines as well as finishers.

A full line of construction equipment around the world.

Comprehensive and reliable power solution for homes, businesses and marines.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of tower cranes and luffing-jib cranes for construction. It offers a complete range of products, designed under the Flat-Top modular system, and including the latest technology.

Specializes in the design, production and distribution of hydraulic demolition and drilling equipment for construction and civil works as well as the mining and quarry industry.

A Lifting and material handling solutions company reporting in five business segments: Aerial Work Platforms, Construction, Cranes, Material Handling & Port Solutions and Materials Processing.

Manufacturers of lift trucks and warehouse equipment.

Providing products and services for cost-effective and reliable energy solutions. Offers complete power system solutions: from mission critical to standby power to continuous power, heating and cooling.

5.)    Do you only sell or you have rental services?

We offer short-term rental of diversified heavy machinery serving industrial activities and customized solutions.

6.)    What about your maintenance services?

For us, the sale is not the end; it is the beginning of a relationship. We nurture this relationship by making sure that the equipment we supply remains in peak working condition, delivering the promised benefit to the client. Our aftersales service is proactive and works to maintain the equipment for a long and profitable service life.

Heavy equipment is geared to give long term service in tough and demanding conditions. While the brands that we promote are built robustly and with durability, wear and tear demands regular preventive as well as corrective maintenance.
The Heavy Equipment Division of NBK Holdings has been renowned for its level of aftersales service. This makes the experience of buying a piece of equipment from us a matter of sustained delight.

Our technicians are trained and motivated to perform their best and ensure that your equipment faces minimum downtime, if any. We have specialized teams of technicians to service each brand. These professionals are fully trained by our Principals and are often sent to overseas destinations (mainly Europe) for training, skill building and on the job experience.
We offer complete service and maintenance not just for the brands that we market, but for any heavy equipment from any brand.

We give great importance ensuring the quality of our equipment and the safety of the personnel working with it. We are in full compliance, in letter and spirit, to industry regulations pertaining to quality and safety, and our staff is specifically trained in safe workplace practices.

7.)    What is your company’s customer base?

We have achieved a lot during the past four decades, yet given the strong growth trajectory that our country has embarked upon and in keeping with the challenges of hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022, a lot more remains to be done.
NBK Heavy Equipment supplies the machinery and heavy equipment that builds this infrastructure in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

8.)    What can you say about the construction boom in Qatar vis-a-vis your sales?

The future of the construction equipment market in Qatar for 2015 is expected to increase throughout the forecasted period as a result of continued government investment in a diverse range of education, healthcare, infrastructure and transport projects. The construction equipment market has been categorized into road construction, earthmoving machines, material handling and concrete equipment. The majority of the ongoing mega-projects in Qatar are dominated by the country’s infrastructure market in line with its Qatar’s National Vision 2030. Increasing demand on energy projects as well are expected to continue to create demand for construction equipment in the country.

9.)   What are the values that guide your company?

The division and the group have a relationship based attitude towards building business. We value our customers and consistently look beyond the transaction to build mutually beneficial relationships.

10.)    What are your future plans?

To keep the challenge of partnering with enterprises that build Qatar. To be part of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 in supplying the machinery and heavy equipment that help and build the mega-projects in the state. To keep track of emerging customer demands and changing trends in technology to offer the best-in-class equipment that will serve the purposes in the industry.

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