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Fluid Solutions

Written by  Author |   Thu, 19 February 2015 15:15

Watermaster was founded in 1980 by Eng. Khalil Boueri, who is currently the Chairman and Visionary Leader of the firm. Since its start, Mr. Boueri has created a positive, young, and innovative culture throughout the firm, meshed together with high values promoting trust and care for all stakeholders and primarily the customer. Watermaster operates in five core areas: wellness centers, swimming pools, water features, water treatment and waste water treatment. The company handles design concepts, turn-key projects realization and after-sales services. Watermaster operates mainly in Lebanon and Qatar with presence in several MENA countries growing from a specialized MEP subcontractor into a specialized principal contractor.
In addition to its Design, MEP and Maintenance Departments, Watermaster created a Civil and Architectural department to complement the MEP and really be able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for the client. WhyQatar had the following interview with Omar Khayat, technical design manager at Watermaster, who shed light on services provided and projects executed by this department.

1. What is Watermaster’s main specialization and what are the products and services provided?

We are a pioneer contracting company that specializes in the art of treating water; with an emphasis on the wellness industry. We have committed extensive resources to R&D and water services in two divisions:
a) Treatment: water, wastewater  and its related areas
b) Recreational:  swimming pools, water features and wellness
Our scope ranges from design concepts, turn-key projects realization to after sales services.

2. What can you say about your company’s knowledge and expertise in water treatment technology?

For over 30 years, Watermaster has served the public and private sectors by executing a large number of luxurious projects in Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq, Syria and other MENA countries.
The expansion of our team of experts has been at the heart of our success. Our technical expertise runs the gamut of engineering specialties needed in the multidisciplinary field of water treatment: electromechanical, architectural, environmental, chemical, civil and electronics engineering. Today, we proudly count more than 300 staff members operating in Lebanon and Qatar.
Our clients vary from contracting companies to, consultants, governmental agencies, health related sectors, commercial and sports club operators, hotels as well as private sector end-users.

3. What is the purpose of the technical and design department that Watermaster created?

Watermaster’s multi-disciplinary design teams blend proficiency and proven reputation in meeting customer demands by providing treatment and recreational solutions for innovative, high quality projects. In treatment, Watermaster tackles any kind of water problem and suggests optimal solutions.  In the recreational aspect, Watermaster helps clients turn their fantasies into realities thanks to creative designers and architects. We assist the customer in finding the right choice of design, shape, and materials, as well as water features and accessories that meet their needs. 

4. How is Watermaster technology translated into spectacular designs?

Often people have difficulties explaining the essence of the term “Wellness”. But actually it’s really simple: Everything that contributes to the balanced state of body, spirit and mind of a person, can be defined as wellness.

It’s a modern need for fast growing societies, stressful lifestyles, wealthier and aging populations, but also arising from an awareness to live a healthier, better quality life.
This builds a good base for the growth of the wellness industry.

Wellness of individuals is also viewed as a way of life, including such holistic aspects as self-responsibility, physical fitness, healthy nutrition, mental activity, environmental sensitivity and beauty care. The aim of the whole concept is to create a balance between the body, soul and mind.

The balance between different aspects of wellness as a combination of “well-being” and “fitness” is becoming a means of survival / lifestyle choice for many in an era of increasing competition, pressure and stress. Taking time, valuating and enjoying present moments – this is the modern way of looking at quality of life.

Over the last decade the wellness and spa sector has witnessed a rapid expansion. Wellness and spa business within the tourism and hospitality industry has now become one of the key profit-yielding sectors in international business and its volume equals or even surpasses that of global oil exports or the food and car industries.

Noting all these facts, Watermaster has built a reputation for its ability to merge unique technical know-how with advanced design capabilities to create the so called “Spectacular Designs” for its VIP Clientele.

5. Are we talking only about design or are ecology and health also addressed? 

Using our project management, MEP, architectural and environmental engineering skills, Watermaster provides solutions to include equipment supply, partnerships and full turnkey contracts. Our 30 years’ experience in project management allows us to minimize project risks and deliver projects on time and on budget. Whether it is for new projects, rebuilds, retrofits or upgrades and optimizations, our engineers will work with our clients to understand any problem, need or initiative that can lead to an optimal solution for them.

Our integrated solutions include:

A. DESIGN & ENGINEERING: Watermaster collaborates with clients to develop concepts into design, within budget parameters, providing full engineering support services.
B. OPERATION & SERVICE: Watermaster is strongly disciplined in planning, organization and the management of resources, and with our specialist knowledge of water treatment, we deliver operation and service to meet our clients objectives.
C. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Our project management team is dedicated to follow the bases of the golden triangle: we ensure the execution of the project with respect to schedule, budget and scope, all while making sure we deliver the best quality.
D. COMMISSIONING: Watermaster’s excellent proficiency runs the full lifecycle of a project, including partnering with our clients to determine best practices for operations. Before handing over the customized solution, Watermaster’s team carefully scans the systems with the client to ensure that all relevant units are correctly adjusted and operating as intended. Full training is provided by our experienced technical staff so that customers are able to operate the product or project by themselves.
E. SUPPLY & INSTALLATION: Watermaster’s experienced specialist staff is an essential part of our process with skills ranging from installing all the plumbing and electrical connections related to the water treatment systems; to insuring that all plumbing is pressure tested and that the electrical systems are up to code.
F. CONSTRUCTION: Watermaster is committed to providing professional and sound construction services. Our commitment to the client ensures that all construction works are completed to the very highest of standards. Our wide ranging experience in all facets of treatment & recreational projects, combined with in-depth knowledge of the related industries, give our clients assurance that their project will run smoothly from start to finish.

6. What type of projects and clients do you cater for?

Whether a client wants a pool for fun or for relaxation, for fitness or simply for their own personal utopia, our knowledge and commitment means the pool will reflect their needs and meet their highest expectations. Watermaster specializes in high-specification residential and commercial swimming pools. As with any of our projects, we work very closely with our clients, from initial consultation onwards. We work tirelessly to understand the clients’ exact needs, particularly in relation to aesthetics and materials while coordinating closely with our international suppliers to ensure our entrusted supply of products and services ultimately meet the clients’ desires. Watermaster provides a full range of creative architectural and engineering solutions. Types of swimming pools Watermaster have been involved with include: Private Villa Pools, Buildings & Towers Pools, Resort and Leisure Pools, Competition Swimming Pools, School, College and University Swimming Pools, Hotel Swimming Pools, Private Health and Fitness Club Pools, and Toddler and Fun Pools.

7. But each water-based product has a specific function and feel, doesn’t it?

There's nothing like the soft sound of burbling water to soothe frayed nerves or to counteract moments of stress, so what could be better than having your own bubbling water feature.
Watermaster has successfully completed thousands of water feature projects that skillfully combine mechanical functions with other requirements. We strive to create sensitive water features, playing with forms, textures or sound, in order to offer a memorable water experience.  Our experience covers indoor and outdoor water features for residential, corporate and commercial properties ranging in style from elegant and classical to modern fountains, stainless steel and glass water curtains. In addition to that, we provide cascades, waterfalls, basin pools, lily pools, fish ponds, reflecting ponds, water mirrors, dancing fountains and others. In an attempt to respond to the needs of contemporary people’s lifestyle that calls for stress relief, Watermaster cooperates with SPA operators and SPA Interior Designers to provide modern offerings from designs, supplies, installation and maintenance of rejuvenation and well-being spaces, such as steam baths, Turkish baths (Hammams), Saunas, Hydromassage, Hot Tub Spas for Hydrotherapy, Jacuzzis, Vichy showers, Heating Lounges, as well as Foot Massage, Snow Rooms, and others.

8. Is water treatment an important aspect of your business?
SPA hydrotherapy pools is another Watermaster specialty earning us an enviable reputation in the industry for hydrotherapy design and build. Special attention to detail in design and construction is required for hydrotherapy pools, due to the specialized nature of their use, especially in filtration and water treatment plants. Our ability to offer turnkey solutions allows us to anticipate future eventual changes in water quality and consumption. Our experience covers softening systems, water filtrations, activated carbon filtrations, disinfections, iron removal, deionization, desalination and reverse osmosis for small and big applications. Watermaster’s experience with wastewater treatment facilities includes design, construction and operation processes. The company has successfully performed design-build work in wastewater treatment construction for both the private (hotels, resorts, buildings and private villas) and public-sector customers (governmental and municipalities). Our experience makes use of several technologies like extended aeration, RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor), SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) and MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor).

9. Can you name a few projects in Qatar and Lebanon?

Qatar projects include:
Torch Tower Spa
La Cigale Hotel
The Pearl Island Qatar
Kempinski Hotel
St Regis Hotel
Barwa Financial District
Al Fardan Towers
Hamad Medical City
Equestrian Federation

Lebanon projects include:
Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel
Platinum Tower
Marina Tower
Dream Bay
Oceana Resort
Lebanese University Campus
Ciment De Sibline
Ehden- Ejbeh Central WWTP
Btedine el Lockche Municipality

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