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Muscle and Hustle

Written by  Author |   Fri, 05 October 2012 09:09

To move mountains, one first has to have ability, strength and mobility and even those may not be enough, and that's why Qatar Building Company (QBC) adds to this recipe the power to listen to feedback and aims to align its objectives with those of its customers.

Qatar Building Company (QBC) is comprised of three divisions: civil engineering, materials production, and construction equipment. Each is specifically designed for the demands of the Qatari market.

Established in 1971, QBC has taken on major civil engineering and contracting projects for a broad client base, including government agencies, international contractors, gas majors, and private developers.

In 2000, QBC founded its Heavy Equipment Division (HED), an exclusive supplier to the world's leading heavy equipment and construction machinery brands. The company has established exclusive partnership with several leading manufacturers of heavy equipment and construction machinery such as Hyundai Heavy Industries and others. The following is an interview with QBC's Badr El Mustafaw, HED's commercial manager.

Q. What are the development phases the company went through ?

Qatar Building Company was founded in 1971 and we started with contracting activities. In 2000, we established QBC's heavy equipment division. We currently represent more than 10 international brands.

Q. Can you name some of these companies ?

The company has established exclusive partnerships with several leading manufacturers of heavy equipment, and construction machinery such as Hyundai Heavy Industries and others. QBC - HED is also an exclusive supplier for other heavy equipment and construction machinery from the world's leading brands; these include Weber MT compactors, Pramac generators, D'Avino concrete mixers, Daemo rock breakers, and PC Produzioni cranes.

Q. What kind of services does your company offer ?

We are general contractors, and really competent in all the major sectors including infrastructure, buildings, roads, and civil work where we depend heavily on advanced technology. Every year, we reinvest our income into new technology, machinery and human resources. We believe that skilled and even unskilled people should receive their fair share of investments in terms of training and knowledge acquisition, allowing them to experience new situations and develop new skills.

Q. Who manages these operations and how are these operations carried out ?

They are managed by local Qataris coupled with experienced engineering and business administration staff. So we depend on Qatari top level management.

Q. What is the role of QBC heavy equipment in the market in general ?

In the market, we have around 33% market share in our range of construction machinery. This is due to our first class service we offer clients and the trust they have in us which we repay with added confidence in the use of our machinery.

Q. What is the most important equipment that HED supplies ?

The list is long: Mobile tower cranes (ACE), hydraulic excavators, crawler excavators, wheel excavators, float excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, forklifts (Hyundai), hydraulic rock breakers, self loading concrete mixer/transporters, articulated compact loaders, articulated compact backhoe loaders (AMOG DAVINO), all terrain cranes, truck mounted cranes, forklift trucks, reach stackers (LUNA EQUIPOS), crawler drills, road sweepers, water trucks, catering trucks, water cannons, high lifters, press pack trucks, concrete pumps, bitumen spray tankers, auger cranes, aerial working platforms (SOOSAN) and many more.

Q. What new products have you introduced ?

It's the area platform used for highrise buildings and maintenance for power supplies. We also have the Italian truck cranes which we have noticed a big demand for in the Qatari market.

Q. What you can say about the construction market in Qatar ? Is it stable ?

It is booming and I believe that perhaps next year we will see a shortage of contractors. This will be mainly due to the increased supply of new projects awarded.

Q. So do you believe that the majority of projects not yet awarded will see the light next year ?

I do and hope to begin seeing them in the last quarter of this year.

Q. What are your future short and long term plans ?

In the short term, we would like to increase our market share and have the customer be constantly satisfied with our service, as a priority. In the long term, we would like to enter a new market outside Qatar.

Q. Any specific locations ?

North Africa and the GCC areas.

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