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Water Becomes Passion

Written by  Author |   Sun, 03 May 2015 07:07

Watermaster is a pioneer specialized turn-key contractor that emphasizes on the wellness industry using the water element

WATERMASTER was originally founded by Eng. Khalil Boueri in 1980, currently the CEO and Chairman of Al Miyah Holding Group, who fulfilled the objective of establishing a private professional company engaged in electro-mechanical design and contracting works. After 33 years of innovation in the market, WATERMASTER once again was innovatively restructured in 2013 into AL MIYAH HOLDING GROUP, in order to keep pace with fast technological changes of both the Recreational and Treatment Sub-Industries.

WATERMASTER in Lebanon and Qatar have therefore grown from a Specialized MEP subcontractor into a Specialized Turn-Key Contractor. This it has done with the help of 500 employees located in Qatar and 150 employees in Lebanon. The company is still expanding in order to meet the demands of Qatar’s growing market.

Two years after restructuring, the three companies are independently and successfully functioning with perfect synergy between them under the group umbrella. The aforementioned is decidedly to the benefit of the customer looking for a one-stop shop however with optimized services at each stop always delivering Quality and Price that meet budget demands.

Watermaster, WaterCenter, and Fluidesign

The three Companies that function under Al Miyah Holding Group are Watermaster, WaterCenter, and Fluidesign. Mr. Boueri explained: “Watermaster is a pioneer contracting company that emphasizes on the wellness industry and has extensively committed its resources to the R&D and Water Services within two sub-divisions: Treatment: water, wastewater and its condiments, and Recreational: swimming pools, water features and wellness centers. The scope ranges from Design Concepts, Turn-key Projects Realization to After Sales Services. We provide our customers with all phases starting from preliminary ones; design, assembly, construction, and supply all the way to the final technical stages, operation, trials and testing and most importantly preventive maintenance of the process plants and equipment”.

With respect to WaterCenter, Mr. Boueiri illustrated that “it emerged naturally and straight from the needs of our customers. We felt that a big segment of our market, more precisely End-Users (Private Residential and Commercial), needed a center where they can come and experience different wellness elements in order to upgrade their lives to an elevated wellbeing state”.

He added: “WaterCenter was an innovative move from Al Miyah Holding Group to separate our new “Retail Driven” entity from our existing “Projects Driven” company WaterMaster. Our simple website, color coded catalog and applications in addition to our trained sales force shall simplify the process to the customer who will enjoy a great experience while visiting the WaterCenter”.

Five categories contribute to the well-being of the customer and they are: Wellness, Outdoor, HSE, WT and WWT. “We believe it is a Center more than a Showroom, as you can visit and test the different products and benefit from our advice on the best possible choice”, Mr. Boueri said.

The third company is Fluidesign which brings together expert, skilled and professional aqua architects and engineers operating in partnership with worldwide conceptualizers, designers or specific consultants; together to insure a robust pioneering performance making the project a piece of advanced art.

Along with the treatment and wellness studies, today Fluidesign furnishes the client with wide-ranging services such as guidance, consultancy, architectural, mechanical and electrical specialization & design. For each activity its conceptualized scope and for each customer their unique treat. Mr. Boueri assured that “they commit themselves to offer -professionals, developers, architects, MEP consultants, municipalities, hospitals, universities, industries and end users- cutting edge novelty. For this purpose we created for you Fluidesign, out of our passion for water and life”.

In response to client demands, Watermaster’s engineering team has dedicated its resources to conducting research, development and design for Water Features, Wellness Centers, Swimming Pools, Water and WasteWater Treatment.

With the aim of securing to the market fully engineered solution, studied and driven by the most recent technical and aesthetic innovations, an independent design entity became a must: Thus was Fluidesign s.a.l.  

WATERMASTER in Qatar and Its Projects

In partnership with Investment Holding Group, Watermaster has been successfully operating in Qatar since 2006, executing a large number of projects with an impressive track record from design to construction to maintenance and after sales support. Fortified with 35 years of experience in the diverse conditions of the Middle East, educated by successfully undertaking hundreds of diverse and prestigious projects, WATERMASTER (QATAR)’s expertise resides in its innovative engineering concepts, solid scientific knowledge, applying the best practices and available industry solutions. A testimony to its services, some of the company’s landmark references include Turn-Key Solutions Design and Build projects such as Al Wajba Palace, Torch Tower Spa, The Pearl Island and Residences, Hamad Medical City, Sidra Medical & Research Center, La Cigale Hotel, St. Regis Hotel, Kempenski Hotel and our newest project The Kempenski Hotel-The Pearl. Maintenance Services include the Qatar Olympic Committee Stadiums, American School, Doha College, and Emiry Guard just to name a few.

Mr. Boueri said that “our short term future plans are to establish Watermaster (Emirates) which is opening within a month, in addition to WaterCenter in Qatar and Dubai and Fluidesign in Qatar.  On the other hand, Al Miyah Holding Group’s long-term plans are to establish branches in Oman and Saudi Arabia and expand to Africa.

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