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Rocks and Rolls

Written by  Author |   Wed, 08 July 2015 10:10

Sandvik is not only crushing the competition but also pulverizing quarried materials with mining, materials and machining solutions and technologies

Sandvik was founded in 1862 by Göran Fredrik Göransson, who was first in the world to succeed in using the Bessemer method for steel production on an industrial scale. From early on, operations focused on high quality and added value, investments in R&D, close contact with customers, and exports. This is a strategy that has remained unchanged throughout the years.

To shed light on Sandvik’s current operations in the construction world, WhyQatar Magazine had the following interview with Rafa López, General Manager, Rammer & Bretec Global Dealer Sales, PA Breaking, Sandvik Construction.

1) Can you describe Sandvik’s specialization and management structure?

Today Sandvik is a global engineering Group with more than 47,000 employees with a strong commitment to enhancing customer productivity, profitability and safety. Operations are based on unique expertise in materials technology, extensive knowledge about industrial processes and close customer cooperation. This combination, coupled with continuous investments in research and development (R&D), has enabled us to achieve world-leading positions in the following areas:

•    Tools and tooling systems for metal cutting as well as components in cemented carbide and other hard materials
•    Equipment and tools for the mining and construction industries as well as various types of processing systems
•    Products in advanced stainless steels, special alloys and titanium as well as metallic and ceramic resistance materials.

Sandvik Group now conducts its operations through five business areas, each with responsibility for R&D, production and sales of their respective products.

These consist of:

•    Sandvik Mining
•    Sandvik Machining Solutions
•    Sandvik Materials Technology
•    Sandvik Construction
•    Sandvik Venture

In 1997, the Sandvik Group acquired Tamrock. This together with Sandvik Rock Tools formed the business area Sandvik Mining and Construction, which was the world's leading supplier of drilling and excavation machinery, equipment, tools and services for the mining and construction industries. However, following an in-depth review of changing market requirements a Sandvik-wide strategy was launched in 2011. The main themes for this strategy are ambition, focus, globalize/localize and speed.
As a result of the adoption of this strategy the existing Business Areas were redefined to create the required focus and transparency in terms of underlying market attractiveness together with enhanced operational performance. This resulted in Sandvik Construction itself now being a business area within the Sandvik Group providing solutions for virtually any construction industry application with operations and manufacturing plants throughout the world.

The current management team consists of:

•    Dinggui Gao, President
•    Ulrika Dunker, Vice President Human Resources & EHS
•    Malin Hermansson, Vice President Communications
•    Greg Albert, Vice President Global Market
•    Joanne Cooke, President Product Area Equipment
•    Yi Yan, Vice President Product Area Mid-market
•    Anders Svensson, President Product Area Customer Services
•    Bengt Kvisth, Vice President Global Supply

Key Facts about Sandvik Construction:

•    Safety is the first priority in all our operations
•    Turnover: about $1 billion (2014) 
•    Number of employees: approximately 3,000 (2014)
•    President: Dinggui Gao
•    Part of the Sandvik Group
•    Continuous focus on sustainability
•    Global presence with worldwide sales and service network

2) What type of products and services are provided by Sandvik?

We specialize in providing solutions for virtually any construction industry application, and encompasses such diverse businesses as surface rock quarrying, excavation, drill & blast, tunneling, demolition, recycling and civil engineering. Our range of products includes rock tools, drilling rigs, breakers, tunneling equipment, crushing and screening machinery, bulk materials handling systems - in fact machinery to deal with virtually every requirement.

3) What makes Sandvik special, different than similar companies?

It is through the successful development of partnerships with our customers that has enabled us to produce our world leading product lines. However, the equipment is only part of the story, as the relationships we develop with our customers aid in our focus on their business, help develop support systems that are the envy of the construction world, but also foster relations that are long lasting, satisfying, profitable and considered to be a mutually beneficial investment in ensuring long term success.

For today’s construction projects a supplier is not only expected to have lifetime performance knowledge of its machines, but this must also be linked to a strong service network which is supported by a global distribution system able to deliver spares and components. Our customers thus know they have a reliable partner who can not only supply the equipment they need, but also understands the construction environment, and possesses a global presence that can provide a high standard of support regardless of location.
Where we stand apart from others is through listening to our customers, and to what they really require in order to help make their business more profitable. Thus we place great emphasis on developing new products for new challenges, or helping to improve performance in an existing application.

In effect, our product lines never stand still; constant development enables us to develop equipment that help our customers satisfy their real needs.
Some of the latest developments include:

•    Drilling and tunneling: DC125R, TH430, Dti jumbos, Alpha 330 drill bits and system DD421.
•    Stationary C&S: Sandlock, Modular screens, CV series VSI, CH550, C1511, ASRi v2.
•    Mobile C&S: QA450QR, an upgraded range of Tier 4 C&S equipment
•    Breakers: Rammer 4099 PRO

Our common priorities

We are very proud of the forging of close relationships with our customers, and as a truly global organization we believe that common ground has arisen on a world-wide basis. Thus, our customers’ priorities have now become those of Sandvik Construction; it is to this end that we place great emphasis on:

•    Productivity and Product Quality
•    Environment
•    Service Demands
•    Automation, Mechanization & Remote Monitoring
Through these shared priorities we aim to ensure that the Sandvik Construction business reflects the true requirements, needs and aspirations of or customers, helping them become more efficient and profitable.

4) If a big construction project is handed to you, what construction solutions, equipment, application and other related services are provided by Sandvik?

Our product offering enables customers to process materials for the construction industry from the very beginning of its usable life and beyond! Dimensional stone can be drilled then quarried, tunnels excavated, rock extracted, then materials crushed and sized to produce the highest quality of aggregates. And when its life cycle is finished our range of demolition and recycling equipment will allow for the same materials to be re-used and recycled starting the process again so that the circle of use is complete.

Our offering may be summarized as the following:

•    Demolition & Recycling
Our range of demolition equipment allows for construction materials to be processed efficiently on site, recycled and re-used for the next development, or turned into a marketable commodity for other projects. Built to the highest possible standards, the product range includes breakers, hydraulic hammers, pulverizers, mobile screens and crushers.

•    Dimensional stone
With advanced automation and excellent functionality, all our drill rigs help ensure customer productivity is maximized. Combined with high quality rock tools, our drill rigs are designed to drill straight and clean, accurately place bore holes quickly, safely, efficiently and economically.

•    Surface drill & blast
In recent years we have developed a reputation of excellence in the provision of equipment and expertise in surface drill and blast. The equipment ranges that have proved ideal include the TH and DTH drill rigs, complete with tools developed specifically for the requirements of this specialized field. That is not all; customers also enjoy unparalleled support through state of the art remote monitoring, operator training, and the industry leading Quarry Academy.

•    Hard rock and limestone aggregate plant
Our range of quarrying and aggregate machinery encompasses drill rigs and tools, static and mobile crushers and screens, hydraulic breakers, conveyors and components. We also offer full project management and support systems. These include the SimQuarry and PlantDesigner process simulation and optimization software programs, together with intelligent training via the industry leading Quarry Academy.

•    Sand & gravel plant
The Sandvik Construction range of sand and gravel plant encompasses drill rigs and tools, static and mobile crushers and screens, hydraulic breakers, conveyors, components, and purpose built stationary and mobile impact crushing equipment solutions for sand making.

•    Surface civil engineering
With extensive involvement in literally thousands of projects world-wide, we have the experience to allow the development of practical know-how and lead to the development of products purpose-built for the industry. These include mobile drilling, breaking, crushing and screening solutions.

•    Tunneling and underground civil engineering
A deep rooted knowledge of the industry has seen the development of an all-encompassing product offering that includes underground drills (jumbos) and bolters, conveyor systems, raise-boring, mechanical cutting, as well as purpose developed load & haul equipment as well as screens & crushers. Extensive project expertise allowed us to develop project simulation software and support systems such as the i-Sure tunneling management system.

•    Industrial minerals and cement plant
Our range of products for use in processing industrial minerals and cement are purpose built for the needs of the industry. The range encompasses purpose built mobile crushers and screens, crushing and screening plants, high capacity Hybrid Roll crushers, VSI’s, components, conveyors and bulk handling systems.

5) What about Sandvik’s love affair with sustainability?

For us, sustainable business means leveraging the opportunities that emerge from the integration of sustainability aspects in our company's core operations, while reducing their negative economic, social and environmental impact.

Our vision is zero harm to our people, the environment we work in, our customers and our suppliers. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all people associated with our activities and to achieving an excellent level of environmental performance in all our products and everything we do.

Our objective is to contribute to global sustainable development, with products and solutions that support the creation of a more sustainable world. We show respect for people, the environment and the communities in which we are active. We are committed to driving our sustainable development as part of our offering, our research and development and our attractiveness as an employer.

6) Is Rammer, the renowned hydraulic hammer, part of Sandvik’s accomplishments?

Rammer design goes back to 1978 when Rammer Oy was an independent company established in Finland. In 1986 Rammer acquired Roxon hammer business then was developing new hammers as well as setting up new factories. In 1997 it became part of Tamrock Oy then one year later, 1998, Tamrock group became part of Sandvik AB as part of the strategy to have a larger product portfolio to fulfill Sandvik customer needs, being now part of Sandvik Construction as explained earlier.

7) Is Rammer used in construction projects?

Rammer’s product portfolio does not stop just on hydraulic hammers. Supporting them, Rammer offers a wide variety of auxiliary accessories such as software, other ancillary items and services to complement hydraulic hammers and make them unique in the industry.

In addition to it, Rammer offers a range of demolition and recycling attachments in order to fulfill customer needs when working in such applications. The variety of products includes concrete crushers and cutters, concrete pulverizers and material handling grapples, all of them to be installed on excavators working on those applications.

Last but not least, a wide range of booms complete the Rammer offering though, those products are also well orientated to work on Quarry & Aggregate as well as Mining applications. The combination of a Rammer Boom + Rammer Hammer is the most popular globally used on those applications

8) What about Bretec hydraulic breakers? What are the similarities and differences of a Rammer and a Bretec?

I’m really happy to hear this question which gives me the opportunity to make something clear to WhyQatar magazine readers.
Both, Rammer and Bretec are Sandvik brands.
Being different hammers from a design stand point, I have to say that the rest of the aspects we could look into, are the same i.e. same materials used to manufacture both brands, same manufacturing processes used at the same factory as both are manufactured at our “state of the art” factory in Lahti – Finland, same workers at factory…. in the end, same people managing every single area to look into …. Commercial, Marketing, Product Support …

Whilst everyone knows Rammer’s quality, reliability and performance, not everyone knows it about Bretec but, the fact is that Bretec costs less to the end users, and is a reliable brand, having really good quality and keeping a high performance level. The Rammer design features a Membrane Accumulator design where the piston does not get into the Nitrogene chamber and the Bretec design features a “gas fired” design where the piston gets into the nitrogen chamber and this particular system is cheaper to manufacture, reducing its cost to the final user.

9) What can you say about Rammer’s and Bretec’s sales & distribution map?

Rammer is over 35 years old and a very well-known brand, a little less so for Bretec which by the way we re-launched this brand less than two years ago.

I’m really proud to say that in 2014 we grew our global sales by 28% compared to 2013 and to this I’m deeply grateful to our Global Dealer Network as well as Sandvik Construction’s Senior Management Team and particularly to all employees at factory in Lahti who are really focused, supporting and making this success possible.
A large contributor for this success has been and hopefully will continue being, our Rammer and Bretec dealer in Qatar Arabian Supply Center with whom we started our business relationship during Q1 2013. Since then, they have been continuously growing Rammer sales in Qatar and began introducing Bretec during Q2 2014.

With the addition of Hitachi Equipment to their dealership, I’m really confident they will still increase both Rammer and Bretec sales, since they will be able to offer the complete package to their customers; Excavator + Hammer; since this is one of the solutions customers are looking for.

Arabian Supply Center staff’s customer focus and professionalism, together with the continuous learning/training processes implemented, in this particular case by Sandvik, will ensure customers’ peace of mind with regards to their Rammer/Bretec equipment as well as them being sure they have selected the right partner for their business. In addition to the above, Sandvik has dedicated people in place in order to make sure Arabian Supply Center and their customers are getting full support in case of unexpected issues that might appear which is something that noone can control. With this scenario we make sure Arabian Supply Center, Rammer and Bretec customers, will get the most of our products and will minimize any eventual downtime on their equipment. 

10) What can you say about the Construction sector in Qatar and Sandvik’s presence there?

Qatar’s picture is going to significantly change along the next few years. There is no doubt that the construction business in Qatar will continue growing for the next 5 to 6 years at least due to the need for new infrastructures in the country in order to be able to satisfy all visitor needs. Personally, I see a growth from a tourism standpoint which will, for sure, keep the construction business growing for longer with new resorts and entertainment areas to be built even till 2030, I was told.
 All in all, Qatar has been and will continue being one of the key countries for us to look after and being present to support our dealers and make sure we can satisfy all needs. Towards this end, Sandvik has engaged other dealers for our other construction products:

•    Boodai Trading is our dealer for Sandvik Mobile Crushers
•    Qfab is our dealer for Surface Drilling and Rock Tools

In addition, we have a Sandvik team at our Sandvik Construction office in Dubai, continuously supporting our dealers in the region as well as covering those products. 

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