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Not Holding Back

Written by  Author |   Wed, 16 March 2016 06:06


AlSraiya Holding boasts five groups of companies able to cover the full spectrum of construction acivities in Qatar, but the organization has built its reputation on an ability to grow and expand despite overwhelming success in core areas of expertise. 

Established in 1975, Al Sraiya Holding Group provides integrated services to Qatar’s construction industry, catering to its infrastructural development. The Group has diversified itself by forming 5 individual groups of companies (construction, engineering, trading, hospitality and general services) each operating independently, specializing in its field of expertise. Foregrounding corporate excellence, Al Sraiya emphasizes performance and exceeds customer expectations through innovation and reliability. Be it engineering consultancy, civil construction, Readymix, interlock tiles, electrical products, or other specialized services, Al Sraiya Group is ideal for all construction and corporate needs. WhyQatar had the following interview with Rashid Nasser Sraiya Al Kaabi, Vice Chairman of AlSraiya Holding Group.
1. What was your vision for the Group that led to achievements and success? 

The Group's mission & vison is to provide Qatar and the Middle East with a diverse and complete range of resources for developing its infrastructure, along with a myriad of related needs and services in a professional and timely manner. We strive for continuous improvement in quality standards and customer service and we continuously work to remain a role model in all the fields we are currently involved in. Moreover, the Group works to form and maintain long-term relationships of value with clients and partners and we also look for joint ventures and partnerships that can benefit Qatar’s National Vision 2030. 
2. What are the main services you are recognized for? What makes you so good at what you do?

Having been in the field for 40 years, Al Sraiya Holding has built an enviable reputation in the industry for being one of the strongest holding groups in Qatar. Enjoying a diverse range of resources and associations at hand, Al Sraiya Holding provides clients with extensive research, market knowledge, services tailored to needs and budgets, competitive rates, resources, heavy equipment, consultation, building equipment and materials, hospitality and leisure services. We are a one stop shop for all needs serviced by our five dedicated groups. 
What makes us so strong is our unified strategy:
- 5 groups under one roof
- Project management and communication consultants
- Talent, Experiense, Quality and Resources
By combining our capabilities under one roof, our clients choose our holding group as a focal and expert point of contact. All in one place.
3. Has your 5 groups under one roof strategy made you price competitive?

Having all groups under one roof made us very competitive in the Qatari market. Being a one stop shop with all resources provided by our sister companies easily allow us to enter the market with competitive prices without any compromise on quality and support.
4. What are the major areas of Group’s specialization? Are there other fields you would like to expand into?

The Group diversified itself through individual groups of companies each operating independently and specializing in its field of expertise (Engineering, Trading, Industrial, Hospitality and General Services). Expansion is always on the table, with our latest achievment being crossing into the education field.
5. What about project design?  

We are in project design, we have our Engineering & design department, which has designed and executed several landmark developments in Qatar.
6. Is there a certain strategy you are using to achieve your goals for the Group?

When managing numerous companies simultaneously, you need to be organized and have the ability to lead by creating a proper organizational structure and implementing different systems to suit each company. To overcome these challenges, it is important to delegate power to professional managers, each responsible for a company, and dividing the employees under them for better management. However, this creates its own challenges as these managers then need to continuously update each other and work together to ensure proper flow of work, particularly since our staff can overlap each other to support sister companies. Therefore, we have arranged regular weekly meetings for monitoring purposes. This whole cycle relies heavily on organization.
7. How do you maximize your supply chain system?

All our resources are busy throughout the calendar year supplying all our projects. Using proper planning, we manage to maximize our supply chain, our plants, fleet, manpower and workshops who are not only working for Al Sraiya sister companies, but also supplying other companies and projects.
8. Such diversification of services requires strong QAQC, continuous training and stringent Safety procedures at work and on job sites. How do you manage it? 

Our employees are always given the proper training required to be ready and in control for any issue that arises. So far, Al Sraiya Trading & Contracting has acquired 3 ISO certificates in the areas of Environmental Management System, Quality Management System, and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Employees’ and workers’ safety are ASTC’s first priorities during construction phases. Equipment and machinery are checked regularly while professional safety officers inspect and monitor sites, applying immediate attention when needed. As a result, ASTC has experienced no accidents to this date. 
9. How important is innovation to the Group?
Al Sraiya Holding Group has built its foundation on the idea of “innovation”.We are on the constant lookout for new opportunities that allow us to expand onto new horizons. Our main priority will be growth and development because taking the lead is not just accomplishing what everyone else has. It’s about always being one step ahead.
10. What are major accomplishments you believe the Group has achieved?
We are continuously becoming involved in notable projects; it would be difficult to name only a few. However, the success we have achieved particularly in recent years is focused on working on mega projects in Lusail City, Doha’s New Port, Barwa Commercial Avenue, Schools around Doha, Health Centers, Hotels & Towers, and others.  We can also add our acquisition of new hotels in Europe to our Hospitality Group, such as the Marriot Munich, Edward Padington London & Presidential Serviced Appartments London.
11. With roads becoming a major revenue source, are you as well into providing intelligent Road works solutions?

Yes. Al Sraiya Trading & Contracting was recently awarded the QR 1.2 Billion  LRDP Local Roads & Drainage Program for the Roads and Infrastructure in Doha Industrial Area Package 6.
12. What can we expect from the company in the near future?

We are currently involved in some of Doha’s largest projects and they are all moving smoothly and according to schedule. We have already expanded into 5 fields and for the coming future we are in the planning phase of creating an additional group.
13. What plans in the pipeline can affect future development?

After 40 years of hard work, we became very well established in our 5 fields. We always preplan and forecast our future investments and we believe proper planning will prepare you for any downturn in the market.
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