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For Qatari residents: Do you prefer a summer or winter World Cup 2022?


Written by  Author |   Tue, 20 December 2016 14:14


A hydraulic hammer is a powerful percussion breaker fitted to an excavator for demolishing concrete structures or rocks. It is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator, which is fitted with a foot-operated valve for this purpose. Additionally, demolition crews employ the hoe ram for jobs too large for jackhammering or areas where blasting is not possible due to safety or environmental issues.
Hammers are often referred as “breakers” "peckers", "hoe rams" or "hoe rammers." A hydraulic jackhammer, typically much larger than portable ones, may be fitted to mechanical excavators or backhoes and is widely used for roadwork, quarrying and general demolition or construction groundwork. These larger machine mounted breakers are known as Rig Mounted, or Machine Mounted Breakers. Such tools can also be used against vertical walls (or ceilings for that matter), since the vehicles involved are massive enough and powerful enough to exert the forces involved without needing the help of gravity in operating the tool. Pneumatic or hydraulic tools are particularly likely to be used in mines where there are explosion risks (such as underground coal mines), since they lack any high-power electrical circuitry that might cause a triggering spark.
Hydraulic breakers usually use a hydraulic motor driving a sealed pneumatic hammer system, as a hydraulic hammer would develop a low strike speed and transfer unacceptable shock loads to the pump system. Famous brands for hammer manufacturers include the NPK Hydraulic Hammers, Montabert, John Deer, Stanley Hydraulic, Terex, Atlas Copco, Tramac's Hydraulic Breakers, Sandvik, Krupp, CAT, Doosan, Jisung
Montabert is the best option to protect your investment
Montabert breakers provide maximum protection of the excavator thanks to its patented mechanisms. Yet, this French breaker maintains its high resale value due to the longevity and reliability for which Montabert products are famous.
Qatari contractors are using Montabert hydraulic breakers to help with a number of major Doha-based initiatives, including the New Port Project (NPP), Doha Metro, and a huge road build to the north of the city. Montabert’s Qatari distributor, Nasser Bin Khaled, has played a vital role in driving growth.”
Power and versatility: whether breaking rock or concrete, or are excavating, Montabert hydraulic breakers guarantee optimum performance for all your projects.
The choice of a Montabert hydraulic breaker is an investment which will maximize the profitability of your work.
The medium range of breakers with 1 speed (501 NG, 700 and 900) covers all excavators between 8 and 25 tons in weight, offering reliability and solutions to the customer’s needs.
The heavy range is designed to be used on excavators over 18 tons, for demolition work, in mines, pits and for tunnel excavation as well as public works.
This range offers the choice between two patented systems which guarantee high productivity:
A system with 15 variable speeds (BRV system) which automatically adjusts to the ground conditions. A system with two automatic speeds (V1200, V1800, V2500, V3500 and V4500), ideal to break up homogeneous materials.
Their reliable design ensures downtime is kept to a minimum , thus minimizing operational costs and lengthening the lifespan of the breaker and the excavator.
Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers JTHB Series
The KOMATSU hydraulic breaker design incorporates only two internal moving parts, thus offering reliability and long life. Each breaker has a wide Range of oil flow settings allowing the mounting of the same breaker on a wide range of equipment, for use in a variety of applications such as Constructions, Demolition, Recycling, Mining and Quarrying. These breakers are available in 15 models from 73kg to 4000kg class. 
Unified range
Based on the concept "simple is best" KOMATSU breakers are built under an identical design philosophy from the smallest breaker (JTHB08) up to the largest breaker (JTHB400).
No accumulators
These breakers are designed to eliminate the traditional rubber bladder type accumulator to minimize maintenance and downtime.
A nitrogen filled cushion chamber with low pressure
This allows the mechanism to absorb recoil energy and increase output energy. The gas pressure in the cushion chamber is relatively low with 8 - 11 bar.
Low running costs
Fewer and durable parts, simple structure and no accumulators reduce running cost.
Actually this is the core feature of KOMATSU breakers. Once you use it for a while, you will appreciate the benefits compared to other brands.
Auto - grease system (option)
KOMATSU breakers above JTHB40 can be equipped with an Auto - grease system as an option.
The system is fully incorporated in the bracket of the breaker and doesn't require an external power source. 
Terex Hydraulic Hammers
Terex hydraulic hammers are designed to provide extended, low maintenance operation with minimal down time. Every hammer in the range is vibra-silenced to offer compliance with the latest standards of operator safety and comfort.
High blow energy constant throughout the engine revolution range.
Vibra-silencing reduces operator and machine vibration exposure.
Reduced sound power levels.
Pure nitrogen backhead and no diaphragms reduce down time.
Low susceptibility to back pressure.
Only three moving parts.
Single point greasing system for tool and bottom housing for easy maintenance.
Atlas Copco’s medium hydraulic breakers for cost-efficient performance 
Atlas Copco´s MB breakers keep lifecycle costs down. Often, these costs are not seen as an important element, but they are: 2/3 of the lifecycle cost of a breaker is made up of factors such as energy & fuel consumption, operator cost and service & maintenance cost. 
MB breakers can help you achieve lower lifecycle costs, and a positive effect of you bottom line. 
High productivity
High percussive performance and Energy Recovery can increase the output per shift and lower energy and fuel consumption and operator costs. 
Outstanding reliability
Effective dust protection, automated lubrication and double tool retainer bars help to increase breaker availability, lifetime and resale value. 
Low maintenance
Automated lubrication, tailor made maintenance kits and an extended warranty program help to keep service and maintenance cost on a low level. 
Jisung, the Korean manufacturer of rock breaker, hydraulic hammer, and multi crusher, among others, has led the way providing equipment and services for construction.
The JSB hydraulic breakers offer outstanding power to weight ratio, and exceptional efficiency with the oil regeneration system. Each breaker has a wide range of oil flow allowing for the mounting of the same breaker on a wide range of equipment, suitable for a variety of applications.
Jisung Hydraulic Breakers - G Series
A High volume nitrogen chamber reduces pressure fluctuations while providing consistent blow energy and recoil energy absorption. A high-pressure accumulator reduces any potential pressure spikes produced by the large piston. The External Valve Design provides stable control valve movements, for lower stress on valve housing and easy maintenance.
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October / 10 / 2014
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