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Seal of Approval

Written by  Author |   Fri, 01 February 2013 07:07

Trelleborg's advanced polymer solutions offer protection in the most demanding of environments, anywhere on the planet.

Trelleborg, founded in 1905, is a global engineering group occupying leading positions in the field of advanced polymer technology and in-depth know-how on wide spectrum of applications, where high-performance solutions are required to seal and protect in demanding industrial environments. Polymers are some of the most durable and multifaceted materials in existence. In principle, their unique qualities make it possible to seal, damp and protect just about anywhere.

The Group has annual sales of about $3.3 billion, with close to 15,500 employees in over 40 countries. In addition, Trelleborg owns 50 percent of TrelleborgVibracoustic, a global leader within anti-vibration solutions for light and heavy vehicles with about 8,000 employees in over 17 countries. The head office is located in Trelleborg, Sweden. Trelleborg's President and CEO is Peter Nilsson and Anders Narvinger is Board Chairman.

The market

Currently, Trelleborg Group's sales are comprised of approximately 90 percent industrial rubber products and about 10 percent special tires for agricultural and industrial use.

The industrial rubber market comprises product areas including anti-vibration, hoses and seals, but does not include the market for tires. The industrial rubber market is fragmented, although a gradual process of consolidation is under way. Trelleborg plays an active role in this process.

The industrial rubber market is highly diversified and encompasses several different market segments. Trelleborg is active in selected areas in the light vehicle, general industry, offshore oil/gas, transportation equipment, agriculture, infrastructure construction and aerospace segments.

Top ten global industrial rubber companies*

No. Company                                      Country
1. Hutchinson                                     France
2. Continental                                    Germany
3. Freudenberg                                  Germany
4. Trelleborg                                      Sweden
5. Bridgestone                                    Japan
6. NOK                                               Japan
7. Tokai                                              Japan
8. Tomkins                                           UK
9. Cooper-Standard Automotive             USA
10. Parker-Hannifin                               USA

* Based on sales         Source: Rubber & Plastics News, Freedonia, Trelleborg June 2011

The Trelleborg Group business areas

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a leading global supplier of precision seals for the industrial, aerospace and automotive markets.
Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a leading global supplier of tires and complete wheel systems for farm and forest machinery, forklift trucks and other materials-handling vehicles.
Trelleborg Engineered Systems is a leading global supplier of engineered solutions that focuses on the sealing, protection and safety of investments, processes and people in demanding environments.

Trelleborg infrastructure

Trelleborg Infrastructure is a global supplier of engineered rubber solutions for several markets within infrastructure such as civil engineering, dredging and energy. It is a partner to many well-known customers in the design and production of engineered rubber solutions which seal, damp and protect for several markets within infrastructure construction. Trelleborg Infrastructure's focus is on the markets of civil engineering, energy, dredging, sewage and harbor & marine. The company division has has four manufacturing plants located in the Netherlands (Ridderkerk and Ede), Spain (Izarra) and China (Qingdao), and 300 employees in total.

Trelleborg at the 5th Annual Bridges Middle East summit in Doha

From 11 - 13 November, 2012, the 5th Annual Bridges Middle East, Co-located with Tunnels Middle East was held at the Ritz-Carlton, Doha. Trelleborg was an exclusive sponsor for the event and as such, on 11 November, André de Graaf, Sales Manager Infrastructure Trelleborg Ridderkerk BV, Netherlands presented the ‘Linking cities with a tunnel/bridge concepts' topic.

In his presentation, de Graaf underlined the competitive environment of the global non-tire rubber market (€70 Billion) indicating that Trelleborg ranks second in the world. The top 10 non-tire rubber companies are Hutchinson (France), Trelleborg (Sweden), Continental (Germany), Bridgestone (Japan), NOK (Japan), Tokai Rubber (Japan), Tomkins (UK), Freudenberg (Germany), Parker-Hannifin (US) and Cooper Standard (US).

De Graaf spoke about the Group's business areas, management structure, customer focus, performance, innovative thinking and creativity, and responsibilities. Regarding the business concept, de Graaf said,"We seal, damp and protect in demanding industrial environments throughout the world.". "Our customers can rely on engineered solutions based on leading polymer technology and unique applications know-how," he added.

For sealing, Trelleborg provides chemical resistant seals, facade seals and airframe seals for damping. Trelleborg provides floating slab, track bearings, engine mounts, infrastructure, and construction bearings.

For protection, the company provides ocean current protection, elastopipe, sprinkler system, low soil and compacting tires.

Presenting Trelleborg Product Area (PA) Infrastructure unit HQ in Ridderkerk in Netherlands, de Graaf said, "The PA Infrastructure is a global supplier of engineered rubber solutions for several markets within infrastructure projects such as civil engineering, dredging and energy. With around 300 employees, the PA has factories in the Netherlands (Ridderkerk and Velp), Spain (Izarra) and China (Qingdao). In 2011, PA's sales exceeded €69 million." "Our products are used in infrastructure including reclamation of land, buildings, stations, underground constructions like infrastructure transportation, bridges (road, rail, and cables), tunnels and viaducts. As for water management, our proucts are found in flood barriers, sewage systems, lock systems / dry docks. And last but not least, energy infrastructure uses our products in oil and gas, offshore wind energy and power plants," added de Graaf.

More uses of Trelleborg products are found in tunnels like Gina and Omega seals for immersed tunnels. Gina (primary) seals and Omega (secondary) seals are specifically engineered per project and generally have a life expectancy of more than 100 years. Moreover, tunnel segment gaskets for bored tunnels, special compound, decades of experience and a wide range of profiles have resulted in many projects all over the world.

Regarding bridges, Trelleborg bearings provide flexible support for bridges and viaducts. Different types of bearings suit all required specifications: Rubber pads -Elastomeric bearings (reinforced with metal) -POT bearings to withstand high loads and rotational movements, in addition to ridge expansion joints to absorb movements caused by load, temperature and wind.

Trelleborg Transflex expansion joints are also found in many different sizes and with different specifications, even  for seismic movements.

"Trelleborg is also considered the world leader in hoses for the dredging industry. Based on more than 50 years of experience, we have developed a range of hoses with unrivalled quality," said de Graaf. Trelleborg hoses include Rockfloat and Rocktrail hoses with special reinforcement, floating dredging hoses, armoured hoses, jet water hoses, and pre-shaped bends. Other products for the dredging industry include expansion joints, bottom door seals, fenders for protection of drag heads, and sealing rings for gate valves.

Trelleborg makes modern bridges and tunnels possible

Bridges and tunnels have always been symbols of man's perseverance and quest to discover. Today they also provide solutions to traffic problems and contribute to regional development.

Trelleborg supplies seals for both bored and immersed tube tunnels, including Gina gaskets and Omega seals. To support its customers in demanding engineering projects, Trelleborg also offers on-site services such as vulcanization of joints and assistance during installation. Trelleborg tends to take your road systems for granted, expecting to go from A to B via the shortest route possible, whether that be through bridges over seas and rivers or in tunnels that go beneath these or through mountains.

Regardless the surface, environment or location, you can count on Trelleborg to receive your seal of approval.

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