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For Qatari residents: Do you prefer a summer or winter World Cup 2022?

Sports move the world

Written by  Author |   Fri, 01 February 2013 14:14

                                                                                                      By: Abdo J. Khoury

.you are running down the field, chasing a ball, your heart is beating fast, in your muscles you have this burning sensation but you still push forward, you keep running , your breathing faster and faster , and your veins are pumping battery acid, your goal is right ahead and you can't quit now, not with everyone watching you every move, talk about pressure; you collide several times with your opponents but they fail to stop you, and you run even faster, then you just at the right time , you raise your right leg, and the world goes silent and everything stops, it stops for a mere second, and when you come back you SHOOT and you score, the crowd goes wild , their noise and sound is like thunder, rising and rising .The people that are watching are more excited than you are, they have been following your every move from the beginning to the very end. Ask any sports fan you meet and they will tell you the same thing, "Sports move the world"; that was the slogan of the World Championships in Athletics which took place in Berlin 2009. Sports does move the world, whether it is a contact sport or a one-on-one , people seem to respond so well to the rush that sports fans get whenever the game is at a its best.

Sport is a huge business both locally and internationally. Proof of this statement shows in the daily sports and business pages of any newspaper you look at. News agencies have reported record-breaking television rating from NASCAR's Daytona to National Football League, making sports popularity a giant that effect nations as a whole and making this a factor for their success or failure. Figures show that sports driven economies tend to thrive beyond expectation or boundary. Sports thrill stimulates capital movement like no other; nothing sells a product like a sports celebrity endorsement. 

Qatar is a country who is serious about its Athletics. It has hosted a number of significant sports events in the past. The Asian Cup twice,(1980 and 2011), the AFC Asian Cup (1988), Handball World Junior Championship (1999) , and the Asian Games in 2006; And most importantly the event that is yet to come which is the FIFA 2022. Qatar is preparing but all too well for this event. The number of jobs this alone has created increases domestic gross product of Qatar's economy even higher than it was before.

Qatar's government is backing up sports in the country big time, This is all part of its strategy to push towards a diversification; the sector has enjoyed immense sums of state funding in the past and is now in such a strong position that it's continued expansion will one day soon be driven by the private sector.

According to Research, the investment in the sports in developing countries is much less than in developed one, as the sport industry is usually not a top priority in the national budget or even in the education system of these countries at all.
Developing countries usually focus all their resources on the main essentials of the academic curriculum, and treat sports as a waste of their limited resources, which is the same way the Art major is treated. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sports and economic development are closely connected. Sports role in developing countries pushes for more construction, infrastructure, and more investment.  Instinctively creating more jobs exponentially, in turn giving the giving the consumer more buying power to spend. 

Having said that, studies show a ‘Virtuous circle' is emerging due to the underdevelopment of sport in developing countries, in which lower capital spending in sport decreases the potential for athletes to build their talent. Thus lowering the pool of candidate that build a countries athletic structure, also leading to fewer opportunities for athletes to continue their training or pursue professional sport careers in a developing country.

In turn, the lack of talent-building opportunities in a developing country leads to less return on the little investment put into local talent, further debilitating local sport development structures and career pathways in athletics.

Less developed countries are unable to utilize the talent of their strong performers and tend to lose them to more powerful nations in global sport with a bigger budget which is a real shame.

Qatar recognizes this issue and understands the consequences of such negligence which is why The Aspire was born.
The Aspire was founded in 2004 with a mission to develop well educated champions while fostering Qatar's society in realizing a healthy, active lifestyle. The Aspire combines innovative and comprehensive training methods with a world class education that would give birth to a new generation of athletes of which Qatar can be proud of.  While going through the capital Doha, you will see the ASPIRE Sports Dome, a massive sports facility and the Khalifa International Stadium, which played a main role in the realization of the 2006 Asian Games and is yet to play a bigger one in the FIFA 2022.


The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) is responsible for the development of the sports sector in Qatar, from ensuring that everyone has access to sports and other facilities to endorsing Qatar as "THE" location for regional and global sporting events. the Qatar Sports Investment Company (QSi), and the QOC, is working hand in hand with sports federations and providing valuable advice and experience on the business feasibility of projects as part of the government's plan to make sport in Qatar more profitable using the private sector's knowhow.

The QSi functions as the corporate arm of the QOC, developing its own business projects so that it can introduce proceeds back into the sports sector. It has already invested in a number of major facilities such as the Al Dana Club, and the Doha Golf Club

Local businesses are sponsoring the country's major sporting events, which helps to attract world-class athletes as the  competition prize money grow bigger.

It's not all about the money though; it's also about developing the talent of the future and giving them enough to flourish. The ASPIRE Academy contributes to this mission directly by offering sports training to talented youngsters alongside a complete education curriculum and shows off the largest indoor sports facility in the world. For the future, further infrastructure plans are set to be put in place to help Qatar achieve its goal of becoming a global sports center.

Sport is a rewarding investment whether physically, mentally or financially. It is all about movement. Qatar's ambition and commitment to this industry will surely reach its goal to someday becoming a regional sports hub and this image will most certainly be appealing to all athletes who dream of a prosperous future.

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