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Making a splash

Written by  Author |   Tue, 08 April 2014 08:08

Watermaster originally founded by Eng. Khalil Boueiri in 1980 under the corporate name of Electro-Mechanical Consultants and Contractors (EMCC), fulfilled the objective of establishing a private professional company engaged in electro-mechanical design and contracting works. After 33 years of innovation in the market, WATERMASTER is being restructured into AL MIYAH HOLDING GROUP in order to keep pace with fast technological changes of both the Recreational and Treatment Industries.

On this occasion, WhyQatar magazine had the following interview with Pierre Boueri, CEO of Watermaster Holding.

Q.When was Watermaster established and by whom?

A.  Watermaster was founded in 1980 by my father Eng. Khalil Boueri, who is currently the Chairman and Visionary Leader of the firm. Since its start, Mr. Boueri created a positive, young, and innovative culture within the firm, coupled with highest values in terms of Trust and Care for all the stakeholders and primarily the CUSTOMER.
In November 2012, Watermaster switched from a Family Business into a Corporate entity. The new corporate umbrella is Al Miyah Holding Group as seen below:
Al Miyah Holding Group is managed by a board headed by our Chairman Mr Khalil Boueri.
Watermaster, as per its mission statement, continues to service the project needs of the market coupled with a robust after sales service.
The firm has a MENA-based strategy to expand in countries beyond Lebanon and Qatar.

Q.  What is the company's main specialization and what are the products and services provided?
A. Since inception, Watermaster was focused on water. More importantly, Watermaster members are passionate about Water!
It's a fact that 75% of the Human Body is comprised of water and 71% of the Earth Surface is composed of Water.
We do believe that Water is the most valuable element and we shall keenly pursue our endeavors in reaching ideal solutions for the Well-Being of people.
Watermaster operates in five main divisions: Wellness Centers, Swimming Pools, Water Features, Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment.
The scope extends along the divisions from Designing Concepts, to Turn-key Project Realization and After Sales Services.

Q. What can you tell about the company's growth in Lebanon and Qatar? How are the company operations run?

A. Watermaster in Lebanon and Qatar has grown from a Specialized Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) subcontractor into a Specialized Turn-Key Contractor.
We have redesigned our Business Model to better fit the modern needs of our clients.
The firm has established a Civil and Architectural department in order to complement the MEP works and thus provide a full Turn-Key solution for the client.

Moreover, a Project Management Team was created for big projects needing a full-time presence on site. With this last step, a client can rest assured that we can deliver a turn-key solution according to specs, on time and within budget! All resources are in-house and we shall adapt our activities based on clients' schedules and critical paths.

Finally, we have worked closely with our long-term partners to be part of their R&D teams and we are constantly investing in training and international exposure to field developments and innovations.

Thus, our Value Proposition, as indicated in our mission statement, became to "Provide Complete Turn-Key Solutions with Up-to-date Technology supported by Professional After sales".

Our staff in Lebanon comprises 80 people while we employ 220 in Qatar. These 300 specialized and trained individuals are at your service to deliver your project up to your standards!

The success behind our 33 years of experience and constant strategy of innovation has resulted in winning top notch project bids in both the Lebanese and Qatari markets.

Q. Why did you decide to establish an adjacent company, the WaterCenter?

A. The WaterCenter emerged naturally and straight from the need of our customers.
It was an innovative move from Al Miyah Holding Group to separate our new "Retail-Driven" entity from our existing "projects-driven" company Watermaster.

Our customers can come, test and pre-select their Indoor Spa, Outdoor furniture, and much more even before building his/her house or flat.
On the other hand, existing Hotels or Wellness Centers can come gather ideas on how to upgrade their facilities to keep up with the pace of the Wellness Industry and thus increasing their ROI and market share. WaterCenter will always remain "Your Wellness Partner!".

Q. What are the products and services provided by WaterCenter?

A. Our product line is all around Wellness! We are constantly looking to upgrade people's well-being in order to reduce stress and fight diseases which they could face daily.
We have 5 main product lines:
• Wellness: This product line offers you Single or Dual Spas, Gym Equipment, Saunas, Steams and related accessories for your Bedrooms or Bathrooms.
• Outdoor: Outdoor furniture, Exterior Spas with an assortment of complements such as Bars, Pergolas and BBQs, Solar Showers, Water Features, Ponds accessories, and Decking.
• HSE: A very crucial and important range of Add-Ons to your existing pool to have a Healthier Water, a Safe Bathing Place and an Environmentally Friendly Pool. Your Safety is our main concern!
• Water Treatment (WT): It offers Packaged WT solutions for Residential Applications with Plug-N-Play options. Easy for you to maintain and enjoy a safe water!
• Waste Water Treatment: It offers Packaged STP solutions for Residential Applications in order to treat your waste and turn it into safe water for irrigation purposes! You should save water and the costs of using that water!

Q. Where is WaterCenter located and what can you tell us about the company's activities and operations?

A. Currently the WaterCenter is located only in Lebanon at our Headquarters is in Sioufi, Achrafieh, and is managed by Mrs. Nathalie Boueri (GM WCL and CMO MHG).

Mrs. Nathalie and her team have been welcoming our customers since the 29th of July 2013, our official opening day.
WaterCenter shall be opening later this year in Qatar. The date shall be announced at a later stage.

Q.  What makes WaterCenter different than Watermaster?

A. WaterCenter and Watermaster are related only due to the fact that they are sister companies within the same group.
WaterCenter has its own strategy and business model as it was designed to simplify for the end-user the process to identify his/her need and to select the right product for him/her.

Our simple website, catalog and applications and of course our trained sales force shall simplify the process to the customer and shall provide him/her a great experience while visiting the WaterCenter.
We believe it is a Center more than a Showroom, as you can visit and test the different products and allow us to advise you on the best possible choices.

We invite you to come and visit WaterCenter and feel the difference!
Finally, available synergies between the two companies are also beneficial for the customers. The technical knowledge of Watermaster and its maintenance team shall support the customers in the installation and maintenance of his/her new product.

Q. What kind of clients do you usually cater for?

A. As indicated earlier, the WaterCenter emerged from the need of our clients.
We felt that a big segment of our market, more precisely End-Users (Private Residential and Commercial) needed a center where they can come with their partners or Interior Designers and experience the different wellness elements in order to upgrade their life and reach higher wellbeing.

Typically, any individual furnishing or upgrading his flat, villa or chalet would be our prime customer on the Residential Side.

On the other hand, Existing Wellness Centers, Gym/ Training Centers, Hotels, Resorts, etc. who want to upgrade their facilities by adding some new innovations and attract more customers make up another important client segment.

Q. Do you take on big projects? Can you please name few projects in Qatar and Lebanon?

A. Very good question. In fact, the new strategy of Watermaster is around that.
Together with our partners, our prime focus today is on executing big turn-key projects from Design to Constructions and finally after-sales service.

Due to our current setup which involves all trade activities internally without subcontracting, we have a competitive advantage to properly manage the project with the right quality and time to suit the needs of the project.
For example, we are executing the Summerland-Kempinski Hotel in Lebanon and the Sidra Medical Research Center in Qatar.
Both are highly representative examples of the type of projects that highlight the firm's capabilities.

Q. WaterCenter could be a turning point for you, but what's next?

A. Al Miyah Holding Group has been established only recently and it has a 5-10 years strategy in the MENA region.
Taking into account the political and financial risks of the area, we shall be gradually announcing our projects and plans for the coming years.

Mainly, Fluid Design, a registered company of Al Miyah Holding Group, shall be inaugurated in the near future to handle all Design Services for Clients and Consultants.

Of course, the possibility of opening Watermaster and WaterCenter in the MENA is currently being studied as well.
Finally, we shall always continue to innovate in order to serve our loyal customers in the best way possible!

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