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For Qatari residents: Do you prefer a summer or winter World Cup 2022?

Credo: Fully equipped for Qatar

Written by  Author |   Fri, 11 July 2014 12:12

Specializing in both private and commercial furnishings and fixtures, Credo provides full turn-key solutions and execution to the hospitality, residential and commercial sectors in addition to retail sales. "Under Credo's umbrella we have a huge team of engineers, experts and architects who have extensive experience in their fields providing and implementing turnkey solutions to any project commissioned to Credo," said Mohammed Khayyat, the CEO of Credo. "We manage all our projects in-house under the supervision of a professional team guided by core values aimed at consistently delivering exceptional results to our clients and the community," he added.

Moving to Doha from Syria two years ago, Credo is a one-stop-shop for lighting, furniture, home accessories, sanitary wares, MEP, kitchens, natural stone, bathrooms, office furniture, stones, marble, ceramic, generators, pumps and pipes.

Through its MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) department, Credo provides in-house turnkey solutions throughout each phase of a project. Credo's MEP Department consists of engineers, construction experts, and facility operators. "Services provided include planning and programming, equipment procurement, MEP estimating, design assistance, construction operations support, startup and testing commissioning, and ongoing operations and maintenance support of water pumps, valves, generators, drainage pipes, BMS, and much more," noted Khayyat.

"With Qatar's significant construction boom now a few years down the road, we felt that Credo could offer help to support the finishing requirements for diverse sections of the market, and we are hopeful that this level of growth would continue for years to come especially in the hospitality sector," said Khayyat.

"There is currently increasing emphasis on the tourism market and Credo is strategically positioned to supply a range of products from lighting fixtures to kitchens, in a bid to meet the finishing phase of different projects, including stadiums, palaces, hotels and offices," noted Khayyat "Last year, we furnished the Hilton Doha and we provided 60% of the products needed for the renovation of the Sheraton. In addition, we've implemented several large-scale projects including furniture, lighting, wallpaper, flooring, kitchens, sanitary ware, etc. and some of those projects included the Banana Island Resorts & Spa, Hilton W Tree Hotel, Souk Waqef Hotel, and more," he added. Apart from hotels, some of the projects furnished by Credo comprised the Lakhwiya Sport Stadium, Farjan Market (contains 14 markets), Souk Waqef car parks, plus other private projects such as palaces, villas, chalets, and others. 

Credo is the exclusive agent for more than 180 companies in Qatar and the GCC. "Our imports are mainly from Turkey, Spain, Italy and Germany. As you know, Italian furniture has the best quality in the world," mentioned Khayyat. 

"Qatar is booming and many regional and international companies are vying to take a slice of the pie. I believe that this boom will sustain till 2030 when Qatar will become a fully developed country," underlined Khayyat. "At Credo, we believe that our market share will grow further in the coming years as most of the projects are under construction and will be completed soon. Our business will flourish more when the construction of many hotels and commercial buildings goes into full swing. They will need furnishing and this is when we come in," he noted. By 2020, Qatar would have more than 80,000 hotel rooms and Credo hopes to win the furnishing bids of around 5-7% of those. "We have a proven record as a successful and trusted trading company thanks to supplying the highest quality products coupled with fast delivery and best services for the projects we undertook in various sectors," added Khayyat.

"Our work is based on professionalism, credibility, sincerity, and quality and we have demonstrated these values through the projects executed by our team. So, led by this professionalism, I am sure we will secure more than 5% market share. After all, excellent service leads to customer loyalty and revenue growth, resulting in strong financial results," underlined Khayyat.

Credo aims to grow into the most successful trading company in the region by delivering and providing excellent services, full turn-key solutions and execution in the hospitality, residential, commercial and retail sectors.

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