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For Qatari residents: Do you prefer a summer or winter World Cup 2022?

About Us

Why Qatar, a premier publication on the Qatari construction sector, aims for uniqueness in publishing, content and final product delivery to a niche business audience directly involved in reshaping not only a nation, but also its people, heritage and rich cutlure. No amount of dedication can match the Qatari leadership whose foresight and tireless toil has positioned Qatar at the forefront of advanced countries, but we are committed to excellence in news reporting and passionate dual English Arabic editorial aimed at becoming the media of choice helping achieve the envisioned positioning of the country.

Why Qatar has a rich mix of coverage, articles, and interviews balanced with a series of regular features translates into an attractive and highly valuable publication for our readers, VIPs and investors. To become an authoritative source of information on the Qatari construction industry, we endeavor to provide unique insights on the sector, specifically to general contractors, developers and decision makers in the country, the Middle East and the World at large. 'Why QATAR' is a construction magazine established to maintain a fresh outlook on events, developments and advancements in the rapidly growing state of Qatar, serving to enlighten foreign investors, suppliers and international contractors of the country’s opportunities.

Vast opportunities in Qatar do exist for companies that supply building materials and construction technology. Qatar has won the right to organize the FIFA World Cup 2022 which opened the flood gates for hundreds of billions in spending on new stadiums and the modernization of the country’s infrastructure, not to mention billions more on the oil and gas sector, power plants, green technology and upgrading the country’s communications network. With current bids estimated in the billions of dollars, Why Qatar is committed to generate profitable new dimensions to your business through our timely supply of insightful coverage and content directly from the source.

Such high quality content and publishing expertise is coupled with a robust circulation aimed at delivering the message to as many decision makers as possible. More than 16,000 copies are mailed to key business addresses from within the construction industry in Qatar, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and the Far East. Additionally, a high resolution digital copy is emailed to more than 35,000 sector players in Qatar and worldwide thanks to an exclusive database carefully collected.


Why not be part of the biggest land and sea project development in the world. We have an ear on the ground, an eye in the sky and gear in the ocean so that we can capture the vision of a country through the hearts of its leadership.

WhyYOU ?

Why not have a chance at seizing the opportunity of a lifetime in the land of opportunity for perhaps a lifetime.

WhyUS ?

Why not take advantage of the best possible pool of expert editors, designers and communicators to deliver the best possible content to the best possible undertakers of qatar’s far-seeing projects.

October / 10 / 2014
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